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Official Rescue and Agility Dummy for U.S. National SWAT Championships and SWAT Roundup, and is used at numerous

Fire Fighter Challenges and Competitions.

Rescue & Agility Training


Survivor is a uniquely designed Rescue and Agility training dummy.  It is proportionately weighted and designed to create a realistic unconscious victim rescue and to increase the proficiency and agility of any Officer or Fire Fighter during training.

The arms, legs and head are designed in a way that best simulates the joint motion of an unconscious victim.

The arm-sweeping design allows Survivor to be dragged properly and comfortably in a Fireman’s carry under one’s arms, without impingement to the forearms of the officer in training.  
This unique design allows Survivor to be comfortably carried over the shoulders of a training officer with realistic human limbs dangling in an unconscious manner.  A securely designed strap is also attached for those agencies that want to simulate the rescue of a victim being dragged by their collar or tactical vest.  He can be positioned flat on his back, or in a sitting position, or even in a vehicle if necessary. 

Survivor is made of durable heavy duty Cordura® over a siliconized pellets, sand, foam and rubber composite.   All seams are double sewn. High stress areas are triple sewn.


Since this product is designed to be dragged, the entire back of the torso, leg, thigh and foot portion of Survivor are coated with a Kevlar® reinforced coating, adding significant abrasive resistance to our durable Dupont Cordura® Nylon exterior.  Our Kevlar® reinforced booties also cover the coated foot portion of Survivor providing a double layer of abrasive protection.  Replaceable booties are available to eliminate the need for a whole new dummy if ever necessary.  

Survivor is available in various weights weight including 75 lbs., 100 lbs., 125 lbs., 150 lbs., 165lbs and 185 lbs., and meets most State, Federal and Military training requirements.  If increased weight is desired;  5 lb., 10 lb., and 15 lb. weight belts are also available.

These realistic features aid in various types of rescue techniques and are ideal for typical agility training, PAT, ladder top or pole top training, as well as confined space rescue or extrication training.

Survivor’s unique design also makes him Berry compliant.

The numerous versatile options allow Survivor to be the rescue dummy of choice and allow him to fit into any training program.


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Various Sizes Available.png
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Outer Material:

Mil. Spec. Ballistic Nylon  (Berry Compliant)

Inner Material: 

Siliconized Pellets, Open and Closed Cell Poly-Urethane foam, Dacron Fiber.


22-23 inches across the shoulders   

10 inches from back to chest area.

61 inches in length.




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