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Casualty Simulation Kits

Basic Kit

Size: 15" x 10" x 5"
Sh. wt. 5 lbs.

Basic Casualty Simulation Kit:


The most economical way to get started in creating simulated injuries. Re-useable wounds and refillable accessories let you practice bandaging and splinting techniques repeatedly.

Kit includes:

Wounds: Compound fracture Tibia; 12 assorted stick-on lacerations and open fractures. 

Equipment: Rugged plastic case; assembled reservoir bag and pump on Tibia; atomizer mist sprayer.

Supplies: Coagulant makeup blood; blood powder to make 1 gal. simulated blood; casualty simulation wax; 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® (simulating glass imbedded wound); 1 ea. Grease paint white, blue, brown and red; 1 adhesive stick; 2 spatulas; 2 wood tongue depressors

Deluxe Kit

Size: 22" x 13" x 15"
Sh. wt. 24 lbs.

Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit:


This new kit contains everything in the Basic Casualty Kit along with 7 bleeding strap-on wounds and 15 types of moulage stick-on wounds. The full line of accessories allows you to create 70 individual wounds, plus use your make-up expertise to create realism in your evolutions. Packaged in a sturdy carry case, the kit also contains instructions.

Kit Contents


Stick-on Wounds, Eyeball (900), Foreign body protrusion (901), Eviscerated intestines (902), Large laceration 5 cm (903), Medium laceration 3 cm (904), Small laceration 1 cm (905), Compound fractured tibia (906), Compound fractured humerus (907), Compound fractured femur (908), Small sepsis wound (909), Large sepsis wound (910), Avulsion 3 x 5 cm (911), Major avulsion 8 x 5 cm (912),Crushed foot (913), 2nd degree burn (914), 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burn (827), Small flesh wound (824), Large fracture (830), Jaw Wound (829), Small Fracture (826), Perforated Wound (828), BLEEDING STRAP ON WOUNDS (7), COMPLETE WITH BLOOD RESERVOIR BAGS AND PUMPS, Crushed foot (6730), Impalement lower leg (6729), Broken clavicle (6727), Compound fracture of Humerous (6816), Compound fracture Tibia (6761), Laceration of forearm (6726), Projectile Entry (6728); Burnt Tibia (6710).

Multiple Casualty Kit

Size: 21" x 12" x 10"
Sh. wt. 11 lbs.

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit:


Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit is more versatile than the basic kit. This unit gives you more complex wounds for testing higher levels of skill in bandaging and patient care, while keeping initial expenditures low. The kit comes in a heavy duty plastic tool box with a lift out tray for your convenience.


Kit Contents

Bleeding Strap On Wounds Complete With Reservoir Bags With Pump Assembly


1 open amputation; 1 compound (open) fracture of tibia; 1 compound (open) fracture of humerus; 1 sucking wound of chest; 1 gunshot wound of palm; 24 assorted lacerations and open fractures.



1 bottle coagulant makeup blood; 1 pkg. blood powder thickener; 3 packs blood powder; 1 adhesive stick; 1 casualty simulation wax; 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® (simulating glass imbedded wound); 1 ea. grease paint: white, blue, brown and red; 3 spatulas; 3 wood tongue depressors

Advanced Military Casualty Kit

Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit:


This is the one for creating a disaster where application of makeup on multiple casualties creates the widest range of wounds. This kit contains specialty wounds associated with gunshots, perforations, major avulsions, lacerations, complex jaw wounds, and a large supply of makeup components.

Size: 22" x 13" x 15"
Sh. wt. 24 lbs




Effective Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) treatment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear -Environmental (CBRNE) weapons demands a well-trained staff and starts with early recognition of the hazards at the scene. This new kit from contains multiple copies of several types of wounds associated with WMD or CBRNE attacks.

The new face masks feature the release of fluids to mimic the physiological reaction associated with these agents, such as sweating, tearing, nasal discharge, and mouth excretions. The stick-on wounds show Improvised Explosive Device (IED) damage, a selection of wounds from our other kits, and various stages of disease states. These can be quickly applied to numerous personnel to get the exercise started with less labor. The new strap-on wounds include below-the-knee and below-the-elbow amputations, and other face masks with varying stages of small pox, anthrax, and chemical burns. The kit comes complete in a rugged carry case and includes the various make-up and accessories listed below so that you may tackle the first exercise without purchasing other supplies.

EMT Casualty Kit

EMT Casualty Simulation Kit:


This complex kit uses components applied to human and manikin patients to get the widest variety of training situations possible. Wounds strapped on, stuck on, created from wax, and made to bleed challenge both the volunteer and the professional in areas of burns, lacerations, fractures of arms and legs, and amputations; a good kit to simulate community disasters like bus accidents, or building explosions.

Size: 24" x 10" x 20"
Sh. wt. 36 lbs


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