Compact Search Props

Compact Training Props
No officer wants to get stuck by a needle or miss a weapon during a search. Search Props from Dummies Unlimited allow you to safely train with accurate plastic replicas, without the risk of using dirty or unsafe items from your evidence room !
Search Props are durable injection-molded replications of contraband & weapons. They feature dull edging, no metal parts, and are safer to use in training. These safety-orange replicas allow you to train where real weapons & contraband are generally not permitted or safe to use.
Each Single Pack of Search Props comes with 16 props and a carrying bag:
1 - Compact Pistol
1 - Compact Revolver
1 - Loaded Pistol Mag
1 - Open Blade Pocket Knife
1 - Closed Pocket Knife
1 - Brass Knuckles

1- Civilian Pepper Spray

1 - Mini Box Cutter

1 - Marijuana Pipe

1 - Meth Pipe

2 - Syringes

1 - Scissors 

1 - Screwdriver

1 - Razor Blade

1 - Flip Cell Phone

1 - Drawstring Carrying Bag

1 - Strip of Metallic Tape to Enhance Metal Detector Training

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." - Archilochus

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