Compact Search Props

Compact Training Props
No officer wants to get stuck by a needle or miss a weapon during a search. Search Props from Dummies Unlimited allow you to safely train with accurate plastic replicas, without the risk of using dirty or unsafe items from your evidence room !
Search Props are durable injection-molded replications of contraband & weapons. They feature dull edging, no metal parts, and are safer to use in training. These safety-orange replicas allow you to train where real weapons & contraband are generally not permitted or safe to use.
Each Single Pack of Search Props comes with 16 props and a carrying bag:
1 - Compact Pistol
1 - Compact Revolver
1 - Loaded Pistol Mag
1 - Open Blade Pocket Knife
1 - Closed Pocket Knife
1 - Brass Knuckles

1- Civilian Pepper Spray

1 - Mini Box Cutter

1 - Marijuana Pipe

1 - Meth Pipe

2 - Syringes

1 - Scissors 

1 - Screwdriver

1 - Razor Blade

1 - Flip Cell Phone

1 - Drawstring Carrying Bag

1 - Strip of Metallic Tape to Enhance Metal Detector Training

Search Props Training
Search Props Training

Gun In Belt
Gun In Belt

Syringe In Pocket
Syringe In Pocket

Search Props Training
Search Props Training