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Peacekeeper Strike Bag

Peacekeeper Strike Bag

Strike Shields are prevalent teaching aides in law enforcement impact training, yet most agencies are disappointed with the durability and protection that most Strike Shields offer .

All Peacekeeper Strike Shields are made in the USA for superior quality .

The Peacekeeper Convertible Strike Shield is the only Strike Shield made of Ballistic Nylon for exceptional durability.   The inner core has been designed with a multi-layer composite material along with a microcellular memory foam for exceptional comfort and absorption from full impact strikes whether from punches, kicks, or any impact weapon .

The ambidextrous Roman shield configuration on the rear panel creates maximum control with minimal effort.  The molded rubber handles allow for quick reaction to impact strikes from nearly any direction .

The “Convertible” design allows you to purchase one style strike shield for all of your impact training needs .  The removable Safety Side Panels are ideal to protect elbows during impact weapon training, yet they can be easily removed when performing kicks or punches .

Our Peacekeeper Strike Shields are big sellers, especially for those that have used them in our baton training course .  As you may know, our Peacekeeper Baton hits hard, and nobody wants to stand behind a competitors strike shield when utilizing the Peacekeeper Baton, so we’ve developed our own .

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Dummies Umlimited_Police 1

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We used the Peacekeeper Strike Shield at Peacekeeper baton training.  The Peacekeeper Baton hits harder that any other baton.  Our guys only feel comfortable holding a Peacekeeper Strike Shield because it absorbs more energy than any other strike bag.

S. Lopez - HPD

Microban Technology®
Reduced spread of microbial bacteria .

Made of Ballistic Nylon 
Significant Durability .

Molded Rubber Handles
Allows for quick reaction to strikes . 


Outer Material:

Mil. Spec. Ballistic Nylon

Inner Material: 

Siliconized Pellets, Open and Closed Cell Poly-Urethane foam, Dacron Fiber.

Includes a Ballistic Nylon suspending harness as an additional layer of protection in primary strike areas.


22-23 inches across the shoulders                       

10 inches from back to chest area.

61 inches in length.

Height from floor: Adjustable



Removable Side Panels
Extra protection for protruding elbows . Can be used for impact weapons or removed for use as a kicking shield .

Unique Inner Core
Reduces significant force to the shield holder, even during full-force kicks .

Ambidextrous Roman Shield Design 
More Ergonomic and comfortable to hold . Easier to control and respond to multi-directional striking.

BERRY Compliant
Meets Military Specifications .

PORON XRD® Technology
Extreme energy absorbing capability .

- Patent Pending -

Features subject to change without notice.


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