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Cuff-Man Arrest & Control Dummy
Cuff-Man is a human featured training dummy with flexible joint action in his wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. Locking elbows allow you to perform a variety of arm-bar techniques or arm pinnings as well. His hands and fingers are made from a flexible yet durable poly-urethane compound for a realistic feel while using real hand cuffs, and can tolerate thousands of cuffing scenarios.  He possesses an extended chin for realistic grappling techniques while ground fighting.

With those features in mind - consider the concept:

Special Velcro loop is sewn into his heavy duty Cordura suit, both front and back, and a slender back board is wrapped with Velcro hook. With the back board installed in a provided free standing mount, Cuff-Man is able to stand on his own at any height desired. Once standing, arrest and control techniques can be performed on Cuff-Man from both front or rear.  Just like any resisting suspect, added force is required to pull Cuff-Man to the ground without any hindering ropes of cables.

Not everyone in Law Enforcement or Security carries a Baton, Taser, or Pepper Spray, but every officer carries handcuffs. However, Arrest and Control and Hand Cuff Training is the most overlooked training in the profession.  It is also THE Perishable Skill where most injuries occur!


Why not get more out of your In-service training?  Use Cuff Men in the academy during remedial training to teach proper techniques, AND reduce your injuries.  Then, have him available the other 51 weeks out of the year so that your officers can stay proficient and practice the techniques they are taught.

Motor memory can ONLY come from repetition.  Proficiency cannot come from training a particular Perishable Skill once or twice per year.

(ECD Vest sold separately)

Perfect Practice makes Perfect!

Without Cuff Man, you're likely throwing your training Time and Money into the wind!

Find out why so many agencies use Cuff Man in Training

and have him available on the divisional level.


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