Strike Man is a suspendable striking dummy that is ideal for teaching accurate and effective strikes from nearly any type of impact weapon. Strike Man's human appendages provide officers realistic anatomical striking areas. Unlike a round heavy bag, which merely teaches non-specific baton strikes, officers can also develop accurate and effective baton strikes to specific muscle groups or other strategic areas. This aids in rapid containment of their suspects.
Strike Man's exterior surface is made from heavy duty Cordura. He is then filled with a unique composite of materials that allows for full impact training of any striking weapon, (including OPN), with minimal bounce-back. All seams are double sewn. High impact areas are sewn into Strike Man three times to increase durability.
Additionally, Strike Man's support harness has been designed to add an additional layer of Cordura to high impact areas such as the quadriceps and torso of the dummy. With this type of construction, direct jabs are no threat to Strike Man!! Strike Man weighs approximately 60 lbs. Once suspended from a rope or chain, Strike Man can be placed at any height desirable. A universal wall mount is also available. lf you would like to incorporate full impact training without the risk of injuring a fellow officer, consider Strike Man. His affordable price will fit any departments budget. You'll never want to practice on a traditional round bag again!
Strike Man - Suspendable Striking Dummy