The 6'-1" body demonstrates a giant step forward in manikin design. Joint range of motion is near human, and pinching in jointed areas is a lost art. Rib cage motion mimics lifelike respirations. Multiple pulse points demonstrate blood pressure variations.



Totally new bodyAccurate human anatomyJoints with realistic range of motionRepresents 6'-1" male

Skill Areas


Pulses, CPR, IM injection site, Advanced IV arm, Intubation, 4-lead monitoring, Chest tubes



12 pulse points, Oral and naso-intubation, Tongue swells, Laryngospasm Cricothyrotomy, 4-lead monitoring, Stomach distention, Arrhythmia training, Defibrillation, Bilateral chest tube placement with simulated fluid discharge, Bilateral pneumothorax relief, IV therapy