Pediatric Trainer

Features include bag valve mask ventilation, intubation head, oral or nasal intubation, Sellick's Maneuver, accepts NG tube, four lead monitoring, brachial pulse, external chest compressions, jaw thrust, IV sites in hand and arm, two I/O legs for intraosseous needle insertion and aspiration of bone marrow, scalp vein for palpation, cranial sutures, and fontanels. Soft carry bag included.

Size & Shipping Info:


Pediatric ALS Trainer 26" x 8" x 8". Sh. wt. 6 lb.

Pediatric ALS Trainerw/ Arrhythmia Simulator 26" x 8" x 8". Sh. wt. 7 lb.

Optional Accessories:


Arm/Hand Skins (2 pk)

Arm/Hand Vein SetLeg Skins (4 pk)

I/O Bone and Blood Capsule (12 pk)

Pediatric ALS Replacement Lung & Stomach (4 pk)

Arrhythmia Simulator w/ Adjustable Heart Rate